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Dear Shareholders,
In the past year, with strong support of our shareholders, the Company was committed to developing into a world-class new energy enterprise with international competitiveness and focused on improving development quality and efficiency by constantly adapting itself to new normal status, capturing new opportunities, overcoming new challenges and kicking off a good start for the “13th Five-Year Plan” period.
In 2016, the Company focused on improving the efficiency for its existing capacity and securing high efficiency for its newly installed capacity, maintaining a healthy development pattern of higher growth of power generation capacity than average growth of installed capacity and higher growth of profit than that of power generation capacity and revenue. The Company’s profitability was further improved with its net profit attributable to equity shareholders reaching a record high. The Company adhered to the development philosophy of enhancing the three core competitiveness through strengthening preliminary development, infrastructure construction and production development as well as building of professional teams. Effective measurement was taken to further reduce construction costs and finance costs, which strengthened the risk management ability of the Company. The Company continued to optimize its marketing mechanism under new circumstances and proactively engaged in market transactions, becoming an industry leader in terms of power utilisation hours with its competitiveness significantly improved. In 2016, we focused on strengthening standardized management of various aspects and enhancing our soft power in a comprehensive manner, which steadily improved our image in the capital market and our industry position, thus effectively enhanced our sustainable development capacity.
Currently, it has become a global consensus to develop low-carbon and clean energy, cope with climate changes and promote green development. Energy transformation has become an irreversible development trend. The Chinese government is committed to adjusting energy structure by promoting energy transformation and upgrading, and has undertaken that the proportion of non-fossil energy to total energy consumption will be increased to 15% by 2020. The Guiding Opinions on Guiding System for Setting Renewable Energy Development and Utilization Targets (《關於建立可再生能源開發利用目標引導制度的指導意見》) promulgated by the National Energy Administration specified that power generation capacity from renewable resources other than hydropower of each power generation enterprise shall account for more than 9% of the total power generation capacity by 2020; China will accelerate adjustment of its energy structure; and the new energy industry is still in a period with historical strategic opportunities. Meanwhile, adjustments of grid tariff will be carried out in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period to be in line with international standards, and the scope and scale of electricity related market transactions will gradually expand, which will lead to more intensified competition in the electricity market.
In the face of opportunities and challenges, the Board of the Company will carefully observe and analyze the external environment, and formulate effective operating and development strategies in light of the new situations, in order to continue to maximize the interests of shareholders; continue to improve its modern enterprise management system to optimize corporate management; comprehensively broaden its international vision, fully benchmark itself to world leading new energy enterprises, continue to consolidate its strengths and improve its weak points so as to improve its overall competitiveness; accelerate the pace of reform and innovation and make breakthroughs in development ideas, profit model, management mode and technical research and development, in an effort to strengthen development of the Company.
On behalf of the Board of the Company, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our shareholders, the public and our friends for their long-term care, trust and support. The Company will move forward at a steadier pace to achieve better performance and create sustained and greater return for our shareholders!
                                                                                                                                                                                LIN Gang

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