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    The website is established by Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited. Our Legal Statement applies when you visit our Site. If for whatever reason you feel you cannot agree to and abide by the Statement, then please exit our Site. Your continual entry, browse and use of the Site will be regarded that you have read the terms and conditions, you understand them and you agree to be bound by them and any other applicable law.

Privacy Protection Statement
  Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited will not publish or distribute any information submitted by users to the Site during registration, except:
  1. getting express prior consent from users;
  2. required by rulings of courts or arbitration agencies or demanded by other judicial procedures;
  3. required by relevant competent authorities;
  4. that users violate the terms and conditions in the Terms of Use or damage the interests of Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited;
  5. Required by other applicable laws and regulations;

Link to Our Site
  You can contact us if you want to create a link to our Site. You may not create a link to any page of this website without Huaneng Renewables' prior consent in written form.
  After your creation of that link, Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited is eligible to withdraw the permission to use the link when the Company believes it is not appropriate due to practical conditions.
  Text link is the only way allowed in creating links to our Site (users are not eligible to use "Huaneng" no matter in image or in text, unless being authorized by Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited with written consent). Our Site shall be opened in a new window upon a click of the link rather than being presented in the internal framework of users' website.

Links of Other Websites

  Other websites whose links are provided in our Site are not operated by Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited. Huaneng Renewables do not assume any responsibility for damages occurred upon visiting those websites via our Site. Users shall comply with corresponding terms of use and applicable laws when visiting those websites.
  Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited provides links to other websites only for the purpose of convenient access. It does not mean Huaneng recommends the commodities/services published on those sites, or Huaneng has any kind of special relationship, such as cooperation or coordination, with companies or individuals of those sites. Neither does Huaneng recognize or assume responsibilities related to the content or the use of those sites.
Application of Law and Legislation
  The law of the People's Republic of China shall apply to any controversy and dispute aroused with respect to our Site or the legal statement of the Site. Any disputes over the Statement or over the Site shall be solved by competent people's court.
  Huaneng Renewables Corporate Limited reserves the right to correct, modify and update the Statement.
  The right to interpret the Statement and explain the use of the Site resides in Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited.


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