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UN Officially Issued 3 Huaneng Renewables Shouguang and Rongcheng Projects

Date:2013-03-29 15:42:00 Author:hnr_admin

The first time inspection on emission reduction of three Huaneng Renewables’ wind farm projects--the second phase of Huaneng Shandong Shouguang Wind Farm (49.5MW), the third phase of Huaneng Shandong Shouguang Wind Farm (49.5MW), and the first phase of Huaneng Shandong Rongchen Chu Island Wind Farm (48MW)--was successfully finished. The executive council of UN respectively issued certified emission reductions (CERs) to these three projects-- 69’499 tons of CERs, 66’001 tons of CERs and 90’572 tons of CERs, with a total CERs of 226’072 tons. 

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