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The Company Launched Spring Safety Inspection Activity

Date:2013-05-24 16:02:00 Author:hnr_admin

Huaneng Renewables launched a sping safety inspection activity from March to May, in order to implement Huaneng Corp.’s safety production policy of “safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management”, strengthen safety management, eliminate all kinds of accidents and ensure the safe and stable operation of production. 
This spring safety inspection activity was emphasized on the principle of “accurate, strict, careful, and complete”. Focused on investigating and managing hidden dangers, the specific inspections were based upon four aspects. With specific target, clear priorities and strict order, this spring inspection activity was carefully and effectively implemented. 
1. Thought inspection. The safety inspection activity on thoughts was to check out if: (1) safety education and training were carried out among the staffs, (2)the employees watched video products on safety warnings and learnt safety materials, (3)posters on accident prevention were posted, (4)accident reports, national regulations and Huaneng Corp.’s regulations were widely learnt, (5)suggestions on safety work and management were communicated with the staffs, (6)the test on safety regulations was organized to improve employees’ safety awareness. 
2. Leadership inspection. The safety inspection activity on leadership was to check out:(1)the input condition of capital, (2)the implementation of kick-off meeting on spring safety inspection, (3)if relevant leader has organized the implementation of the spring safety inspection activity. 
3. System inspection. The safety inspection activity on system was to check out:(1)the revision and improvement of safety production management system, (2)the comprehensiveness, completeness and operability of all kinds of safety production systems in accordance with the safety production standard, the construction of safety production standardization system, and safety evaluation, etc. (3) the implementation of encouragement and punishment measures. 
4. Equipment inspection. The safety inspection activity on equipment was to: (1)check out the whole process of personnel organization, carefully and completely inspect all manufacture and living equipments at production site to find, record and solve these problems, (2) realized the close-loop management of hidden dangers, (3) ensure the healthy and stable operation of equipments.  
All project companies should find the in-depth hidden dangers by analyzing and studying the inspection results. All units should make an improvement plan in accordance with the investigated problems, carry out rectification within specified time period and accept supervision. By this spring safety inspection activity, all units realized their problems and set clear direction for further development, which laid a solid foundation for the improvement of overall safety production level of the company.  

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