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Skills Training & Management Method Communication for Diverse Development of Emp

Date:2012-10-12 15:36:49 Author:hnr_admin

To further enhance skilled personnel and improve operational and management level of production staffs,Huaneng Fuxin Wind Power Co.,Ltd held a wind turbine skills training session for its employees at Huanneng Fuxi ZhaLanshan Wind farm on September 18-19,2012.
    Based on the working principle of wind turbine, this training session was focused on practical operation. In accordance with the requirements of on-site turbine periodical inspection, its working status and various needs of the trainees, the trainings and communications on a series of themes were carried out, such as working principle of wind power generation, the structure of turbine, design drawings of turbine,common faults of wind turbine and its treatment, management of the wind farm, analysis on economic benefit of the wind farm, etc.
    Over 30 major technicists from five wind farms participated in this training session. As one of important tasks for implementing training system of Huaneng Renewables, it is significant to improve professional skills of the employees.  




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