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Huaneng Fuxin Wind Power Co., Ltd Held Aerial and On-site Emergency Escape Drill

Date:2012-09-24 09:43:11 Author:hnr_admin

Complied with the policy of "safety first, prevention oriented and comprehensive managemet",Huaneng Fuxin Wind Power Co., Ltd held aerial turbine cabinet emergency rescue / escape training and drill to effectively prevent safety accident, realize the concept of human-orientation, and ensue the safety of staffs from production, operation, inspection and maintenance deperatments.

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    This training session was focused on demonstration and explanation on: the necessity and proper use of personal protective devices, safety protection guidelines for wind turbine operation, emergency response for turbine operation accident, how to rescue the injured from various places like turbine tower or cabinet,how to handle emergency of wind turbine, and how to rapidly rescue or escape from the cabinet of wind turbine, etc.
    In the meanwhile, the trainees learnt how to use escape devices, self and mutual rescue methods, steps and skills of wind turbine accident, and participated in aerial escape drill. In the turbine cabinet aerial escape drill, all maintenance staffs successfully and orderly escaped from a stimulated fire accident in the turbine cabinet. Through training and drilling of aerial escape, the relevant staffs learned how to practically use those turbine escape devices. Their escaping capabilities of emergency treatment, safety protection were all improved. The training process strictly complied with relevant standards. Every trainee independently and properly finished all training programs. Consequently, the training result was guaranteed. (Edited by HR Dept. of Huaneng Renewables) 

September 7, 2012

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