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Offshore Wind Power Favored by Policies

Date:2010-03-19 12:56:20 Author:hnr_admin

March 19, 2010

Interim Provisions for Offshore Wind Power Development was issued by relevant government departments on Jun 2010,granting 11 provinces the right of concession bidding for offshore wind power,which announced the offshore wind power had stepped into the large-scale commercial stage from modeling stage. 
    The promotion of offshore wind energy is based on the rapid growing of installed wind power capacity these years and the great demand for land-based wind power.Next,we wonder what the opportunity for offshore wind power is like?How the domestic and international enterprises will enter this market? And what challenges they will meet? 
    Offshore Wind Power Favored by Policies 
    Offshore wind power is drawing more and more attention with the rapid growing of installed wind power capacity and the great demand for land-based wind power. In recent years the installed capacity of wind power has been soaring with a growth rate of 100%, out of which all are based on land. Its installed capacity reached 1.2688GW in 2005, 2.6682GW in 2006, 6.029GW in 2007 and 12.1727GW in 2008. 
    With the progress of land-based wind power,offshore wind energy becomes well known for its land saving and superb productivity. Thanks to the long available duration, high speed and low turbulence intensity of sea wind, offshore wind turbines are possible to increase its generating capacity by 20% compared to those based on land.The coastal areas of China,rich in wind resources, are also large power load centers traditionally, which makes the development of offshore wind power full of strategic importance. Statistic shows the total reserves of land-based wind power is 253GW, while the reserves of short sea wind power reach 750GW. Since the coastal areas in east China is economically developed but short in energy, the exploration of offshore wind power provides a solution to solve the problems of long-distance wind power transmission. 
    China has build several offshore wind power projects for scientific research or modeling purpose before 2010.For example,China National Offshore Oil Corporation built in an oil field of Bohai a 1.5 MW direct-driving wind turbine in Nov 2007. However, it was mainly used for scientific study rather than commercial purpose, as it was not connected to grid at all. So far there are only two working offshore wind power projects connected to the grid in China, the Shanghai Donghai Bridge project and Jiangsu Longyuan project. The 2.36 billion RMB Shanghai Donghai Bridge wind power project launched in Mar 2009 and was made an example by the National Development and Reform Commission.What's more,the office of Longyuan Jiangsu wind power project was established in May 2008.With a total investment of 500 milion RMB,the first two machines with generating capacity of 1500kW each had started running in Oct 2009. 
    With the technology getting mature, offshore wind power has already entered a large-scale development phase all over the world.According to the statistic by European Wind Energy Association,European countries installed 199 offshore wind turbines in 2009 whose total capacity reached 577MW against 373MW in 2008.Besides,the turnover of European offshore wind power industry in 2009 is expected to be doubled in 2010 and reaches €3 billion.At the moment European countries are making plans for offshore wind projects whose total capacity will be more than 100GW. 
    The government has started to promote offshore wind power development since 2010.In January the NEA mentioned in Requirement and Task of Energy Work in 2010 the idea of boosting exploration of offshore wind power. Shortly after that,On Jan 22 NEA together with State Oceanic Administration issued the Interim Provisions for Offshore Wind Power Development,clarifying the procedures and requirements for general work involving standard making,project approving,sea area use applying and approving,marine environmental protecting,project approving and operation information managing.Not long ago NEA issued circulars to Liaoning,Shanghai,Jiangsu,Guangdong and 7 other provinces,demanding applying for offshore wind power bidding projects.This declared that the first-round offshore wind power concession bidding had started. 

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