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SGCC Officially Released Opinions of Integration Service for Distributed Power

Date:2013-03-07 15:01:00 Author:hnr_admin

Author: Qing Lei
On February 27, 2013, the State Grid Cooperation of China (SGCC) held a press conference in Beijing entitled promoting distributed power integration, in order to officially release Opinions of Integration Service for Distributed Power to the public. This is another great measure on actively promote the development of distributed energy resource (DER) since it officially released the Opinions of Integration Service for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation in 2012. A series of standards and detailed rules and regulations in the Opinions of Integration Service for Distributed Power this year has many advantages to improve the integration service level of distributed power, such as optimizing the processes and simplifying necessary procedures of power integration, and improving service efficiency. 
    In the press conference, Zhang Liying, the general manager assistant of SGCC introduced that as the state-owned key enterprise and large-scaled utility with main business of power grid construction and operation, SGCC always earnestly implements national energy development strategy of China by insistently taking the development and promotion of new energy and distributed power as the company’s political and social responsibility, and devoting to itself to the healthy and safe development of China’s distributed power. First, SGCC will increase investment and accelerate the construction of power grid. It will overcome various difficulties like the non-synchronized development planning between distributed power and the power grid, unmatched project construction periods, limited scale and capacity of projects, and complicated user types, etc. As for all these difficulties, the company will actively carry out preliminary work to speed up project construction of distributed power grid integration as much as possible. Second, in order to guarantee the successful integration of distributed power, the safe and stable operation of power system after large-scaled integration and the wide promotion of the standard system construction, SGCC has compiled 16 enterprise standards, 8 industry standards and 8 national standards successively, and solved the outstanding problem in the delay of standard system construction on distributed power in China. Third, with the support of National Energy Administration, SGCC successfully established National Wind and Solar Power Generation Research and Development (experiment) Center with test ability of a full range of wind/solar power generation integrations. It provides an important experiment and test platform for China to master key technologies on equipments used for distributed power integration, and improve domestic production level of key equipments. Fourth, the company will continuously increase investment in scientific research and build world top digital simulation platform for distributed power integration. The accumulative investment is estimated one billion yuan. It will carry out various fundamental researches on analysis modeling, planning design, operation control, power prediction, power grid utilization, etc. of the distributed power. It will also focus on mastering key technologies that restricted the development of distributed power, and solving the coordinate operation and control problems between distributed power and reliable devices like reclosing equipment, standby power source automatic put-in device,and hand-in-hand power supply device. Fifth, the company will construct a series of major demonstration projects, and enhance the management level of construction and operation. It has constructed many demonstration projects based on photovoltaic power generation and other types of distributed power like Tianjin Eco-city Smart Grid Integrated Demonstration Project, Shanghai Expo Smart Grid Demonstration Project, and Henan Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Abundant experience and technological basis on comprehensive exploration and utilization of various energy resources as well as the development of distributed power have been accumulated through these above-mentioned projects. 

   According to the statistics of SGCC, by the end of 2012, there are 15600 distributed powers with installed capacity of 34.36 million kw being put into production, among which, 23.76 million kw hydroelectric power ranks top one in the world. The comprehensive utilization of waste heat, pressure and gas and biomass power generation is growing rapidly in recent years-- its installed capacity of 8.71 million kw also ranks high globally. In the meanwhile, China is the world biggest manufacturer of turbine, PV cell and relevant modules. It has become the production center of global new energy equipments. Besides, major breakthrough was made in research and production of micro gas turbine, so China owns the preliminary ability of independent research and development.
   SGCC attaches great importance to the sustained and healthy development of distributed power. It carried out a series of monographic studies on how to support PV industry overcoming crisis. It also put forward the work requirement--“support, welcome, and service” for distributed power. On October 26, 2012, SGCC released the Opinions of Integration Service for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation. Later, the company also organized experts to carry out repeated research and widely collect suggestions, and compiled the Opinions of Integration Service for Distributed Power (hereinafter called “the Opinions”), the Opinions of Distributed Power Integration Management, and the Technology Regulations on Distributed Power Integration. The company promised to employ these documents on all types of distributed powers. In the Opinions, SGCC made a series of promises on providing favourable integration conditions, enhancing the construction of relevant power grid, optimizing integration process, simplifying necessary integration procedures, improving service efficiency, etc. All these promises are expounded as follows:
   First, the definition standard of distributed power is reasonably decided. In the Opinions, distributed power is defined as the power generation project where the nearby users can use this power supply directly, and it can be integrated into the backbone power grid with lower than 10 KV voltage level and less than 6 MW installed capacity in single integration point. The types of distributed power include solar energy, natural gas, biomass, wind power, geothermal energy, ocean energy and the comprehensive utilization of various energy resources.
   Second, a green channel for DER integration is created. The Opinions explicitly provides favorable conditions for distributed power integration as well as green channel for integration construction projects. SGCC shall invest and construct projects of distributed power integrated into public power grid, system access projects (including the private network for communication), and modification of the public power grid caused by distributed power integration. User-side distributed power integration projects owners shall invest and construct the system access projects, while SGCC shall be in charge of the investment and construction of the public power grid modification caused by distributed power integration (besides, the system access projects of western region shall still follow current regulations of China).
   Third, all necessary favorable conditions are provided. The Opinions explicitly points that the user of distributed power project built in the user’s private region has free options such as integrating all those generated power into the public power grid, all used for self-consumption, integrating the remained power into public power grid after self consumption, and require power from the public power gird when the user’s self-generated electricity is insufficient. On-grid price and off-grid price are settled separately, and electricity price follows relevant national policy. SGCC provides electric energy metering device and power generation measurement meter for free. There is no charge for System reserve capacity in PV or wind power generation projects.
   Fourth, best integration service shall be provided. The Opinions defines the key nodes for distributed power integration, and promises to provide consultation service on DER integration at any time. In the Opinions, a series of services are explicitly free of charge, which include acceptance of integration application, drafting of integration planning, investigation on integration project design, installation of metering device, contract or agreement signing, inspection and test on integration, metering with government subsidies, and settlement service. 

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