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East Inner Mongolia Power Grid Ranks No.1 in Wind Power Consumption, Its Daily P

Date:2013-04-28 13:35:00 Author:hnr_admin

According to the statistics provided by East Inner Mongolia Electric Power Corp., Ltd. of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), power generation capacity and daily power generation of the East Inner Mongolia power grid hit a new high on April 2. The maximum amount of wind power generation reached 3.15 million KW, accounted for 87% of the daily regional maximum power supply. Its daily amount of wind power generation reached 67.18 million KWH, accounted for 92% of the regional wind power supply.   
  When it warmed up in spring, the East Inner Mongolia company strengthened operation management of thermal power generation units--it shut down some thermal power generation units to actively provide space for wind power. In addition, it also employed electricity dynamic balance and daily regulating mechanism. The dispatching department is in charge of implementing electrical load forecasting and electricity dynamic balance mechanism, analyzing the expected change of the next day’s electrical load and relevant peak-load regulation methods, realizing the wind power balance in the whole grid, and ensuring the safety of power grid load-peak regulation and capability of wind power integration. In 2012, the East Inner Mongolia company strengthened the construction of power grid structure--the East Inner Mongolia Simeng power grid and northeast power grid’s main grid realized 500 Kv double-loop connection, intelligent stability control devices were put into operation in Tongxing, the wind power transmission of Tongliao was improved to a large extent.   
    The East Inner Mongolia is rich in wind resources. It is one of the eight 10 GW level wind power bases designated by Chinese government. In recent years, promoted by the national policy of energy industry structure adjustment and supported by SGCC and autonomous region government, the development of wind power industry in East Inner Mongolia is accelerated. By the end of 2009, the installed capacity was 200 million KW. Now it has increased to 700 KW. Annual wind power generation increased from 3 billion KWH to 10 billion KWH. Both annual average growth rate of installed capacity and power generation reached 50%.  

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