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Proportion of Wind power Load Exceeding 30% in Jilin

Date:2012-09-14 14:46:04 Author:hnr_admin

The Dynamic reactive compensation device project undertaken by Jilin electric power company passed the inspection and acceptance procedure of State Grid on August 28. The device was designed to rapidly track the reactive balance in the grid center network and reduce the voltage fluctuation of regional grid resulted from the output alteration of electric plants so as to improve the operation stability of grid.
   As one of the large scale wind power bases of 10000MW, Jilin province maintained a rapid development of wind power industry. In recent years Jilin electric power company has devoted in construction, scientific research, management and services all at once aiming at improving the grid’s capability to connect with wind power. On August 23 the daily wind power generation and maximum generation capacity of Jilin hit a record with the daily wind power generation reached 43.62 million Kwh taking 30.2% of the provincial electricity supply and the maximum generation capacity reached 2141 MW taking 33.3% of the provincial load totally, which was a symbol that its wind power integration had taken the lead throughout the whole country.
   The wind power resource of Jilin was mainly located in its west part that was far from the load center. Adhering to the principle of coordinating grid with resource, Jilin electric power company made scientific plans and strengthened the construction of auxiliary projects to ensure the inspection and integration of wind power completed in time. Over the 11th five-year plan period, the company had invested a total of 4.5 billion yuan with which they built wind power output and grid auxiliary projects as long as 1170km and built or extended substation capacity as much as 4 million kVA. Up to now the 500kV Tianshui--Songyuan--Hexinelectric transmission and transformation channel had been completed while the 500kV Tianshui--Xiangyang--Changling electric transmission and transformation project still underway. The output capability of west Jilin would rise by more than 4 times when the two projects went into production. 
   When it came to the research and development of wind power technology, Jilin electric power company took the lead in studying the provincial grid’s integration capability to wind power, carried out the first short-circuit test on connected running wind farms domestically and the field test on the low voltage ride through capability of wind turbines, while developing the first forecasting system of wind power and smart control system of wind energy. At present the company was in charge of a project named research and demonstration of key technologies of large scale and grid-friendly wind farms.
   When it came to the management of dispatching and operating, Jilin electric power company drew up regulations such as The standard of information transfer in dispatching and operating of wind farms and The management method of electricity generation priority ordering of wind farms, so as to massively launch the wind power grid integration under the premise of ensuring the security and stability of the grid.
    Due to the influence of economy size and regional economic development situation, Jilin faced severe contradiction between the generation and consumption of wind power. Jilin electric power company displayed great initiative, adjusted the marketing strategies timely , gave priority to the fostering of load growth point and promoted the supplies and sales from many channels. Besides, the company would strictly stick to three regulations consisting of ten articles each, regularly hold coordination meetings between grid and electricity generation companies where the communication on management experience between both sides could be promoted. On top of that, the company would also strengthen the technical supervision services, carry out peak load test in depth of thermal power units and improve the wind power grid integration capability when the load was low.

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