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Five Major Electricity Groups Played Leading Role in the Supervision on Market A

Date:2012-09-14 14:43:13 Author:hnr_admin

On 5th, September, SERC with five major electricity groups, Huaneng, Datang,
Huadian, Guodian and Zhongdiantou held the special session on further implementing the market access supervision mechanism at Beijing. Communist Party Member and Vice-President Wang Yeping attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
    The meeting introduced the condition of implementing the market access supervision mechanism of each unit and listened to the work report of carrying out the market access supervision rules in each corporation. To sum up, since the implementation of market access supervision mechanism, each unit can pay great attention to the work and accomplish the work at some content, but there still existed some defeats.
    Wang Yeping indicated that five major groups did not only boost huge installed scale and great amount of staffs but also took tremendous influence on the power industry. They possessed the advantage of long history, solid professional skills, detailed management mechanism and strong sense of responsibility. Meanwhile, five groups can realize the significance of the market access supervision mechanism; actively cooperate with SERC on carrying out the mechanism and fully playing the leading role in it. What’s more, the five groups should feel it was their obligation to play its active role in coordinating with SERC on the bidding of licensed construction units, strictly certificate relevant project market and investigating the construction units and staffs who are not qualified. Wang Yeping emphasized that five major groups should abide by the scheme of SERC to seriously organize its subordinate power enterprises to troubleshoot licensed practical situation on the power generation enterprises and rectify and reform the issue that was founded during the affiliated borrow qualification bid illegal lending qualification problem Meanwhile, it was necessary to draw inferences from it, adopt effective measures and strictly obey the implementation of licensing system. All the subordinate enterprises should operate with license and in line with the law, cooperate with regulatory agencies to strengthen supervision after being licensed and establish the long-term mechanism.
    All the groups had demonstrated that they would do well in conveying and transparent the spirit of meeting, comprehensively implement “Electric Power Regulation Act” and every regulation in Electric power market access supervision. They will also further perfect the relevant working mechanism; strengthen the communication and coordination with supervision organization and propel the development of the whole industry in a better and faster way.   
    The meeting was hold by Chief Engineer Yangkun. Cadres and staffs from Qualification management center of SERC,, General Office, Policies & Regulations Department, Market Regulation Department, Inspection Agency, Safety Supervision Department and those from Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, Guodian and Zhongdiantou also took part in the meeting.

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