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The Company Held Regional Special Conference on Infrastructure Construction

Date:2013-04-01 13:19:00 Author:hnr_admin

The 2013 northern, north-west and southern regional special conferences on infrastructure construction were held in Hohhot, Xi 'an, and Guiyang on March 20, 21, 28, 2013. Vice general manager of the company Ding Kun led staffs from the infrastructure construction department, commerce department, planning department, development department, production safety department, human resource department and supervision department attended these conferences. Besides, leaders in charge of infrastructure construction from relevant project companies and project preparatory offices also attended these meetings.
    In the regional special conferences on infrastructure construction, all subsidiary companies were required to insist on the guiding thought of “focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development”. Adhering to the Renewables’ development principle of “efficiency, moderation, and orderliness”, they should carefully implement the spirit of 2013 Huaneng Corp’s work conference and 2013 Huaneng Renewables work conference. They should summarize the experience of infrastructure construction in 2012, analyze conditions that would be faced in infrastructure construction this year, study and formulate specific measures to solve problems, and  put forward opinions and suggestions on the management of infrastructure construction. As for the work of 2013 infrastructure construction, all subsidiary companies should enhance delicacy management, ensure the fulfillment of annual infrastructure construction goal, create development opportunity for the company’s structure modification and layout optimization, and make due contributions for the company to be the first class renewable energy enterprise by taking the idea of “to be NO. 1”as their starting point and by taking management optimization as opportunity,

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