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Ministry of Science & Technology Held 863 Project Mid-term Inspection Meeting at

Date:2013-04-28 13:20:00 Author:hnr_admin

On April 18, 2013, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China hosted the mid-term inspection meeting of two 863 projects (namely the System Construction of Technology Specification, Inspection and Certification on the Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farm, and the Study on the Whole Life-cycle Management Decision-making System of Large-scaled Offshore Wind Farm undertaken by Huaneng Renewables) at Huaneng Renewables’ headquarter. A total of 20 people from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the science and technology department of Huaneng Renewables, Tsinghua University, China General Certification Center, Tianjin University, Shanghai University of Electric Power, and the evaluation expert team attended this meeting.
    In the meeting, vice general manager of the Renewables He Yan who is in charge of the 863 project of the System Construction of Technology Specification, Inspection and Certification on the Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farm made a presentation on the current progress and phase achievement of the research and development of this project. After careful discussion and evaluation of the attending experts and representatives, they all agreed that: by the end of March 2013, in these two 863 projects, (1) five technology guiding specifications on design, construction, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farm have been drafted, (2) four certification and evaluation guidelines on offshore turbine inspection have been written, (3) the state monitoring system of offshore anemometer tower has been preliminarily developed, (4) works on wind farm whole life-cycle pre-planning, engineering design, construction, operation, maintenance and decision-making system design have been finished. The overall implementation of these two projects is normal. Huaneng Renewables has reached mid-term inspection requirements proposed by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.   
    The Renewables’ undertaking of these two national 863 projects is to provide important technology support for China’s fast development of offshore wind power industry. Based on the specific offshore conditions of China, the company has systematically researched key technologies on design theories of offshore wind farm, construction technologies and special equipments of offshore wind farm, design of delivery system, whole life-cycle management and decision-making system, anti-corrosion technology, environment evaluation of wind farm, technology specification system, inspection and certification system, etc. All achievements of these two 863 projects will be directly applied to various stages of China’s offshore wind power exploration in order to technically help Chinese offshore wind power industry breakthrough development bottleneck. These two projects will take the specific goal of dramatically improving the long-term safety and economy of China’s offshore wind farm project construction, in order to provide technology support for the rapid development of offshore wind power industry in China. In the meanwhile, achievements of these two projects will be used to improve the core competitiveness of Chinese offshore wind power industry to some extent and further promote the sustainable development of our offshore wind industry.

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