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The Renewables Launched Pilot Finance Integration System

Date:2013-05-13 13:26:00 Author:hnr_admin

Under the principle of "active and scientific", the scale and overall area of installation of Huaneng Renewables are ever-increasing. The company has taken management standardization as an important work and gradually implemented it since 2012. Under the guide of Huaneng Corp.’s information center, the Renewables timely launched a pilot wind power assets finance integration system as an effective method to improve its management level. Focused on assets management and finance management, this system can trace and manage the whole life-cycle of enterprise core assets so as to realize (1) the integration of material object and value as well as the integration of technologic information and economic information, (2) the standardization of management process and improvement of management and control capacity by means of informatization.  
    The Renewables has carried out a series of preliminary work at headquarter and some subsidiary companies such as business needs analysis, business module and process organization to ensure the smooth implementation of this system. The company plans to finish the implementation of this pilot finance integration system at headquarter and some subsidiary companies by the end of this year. At present, all relevant work has been carried out smoothly.  

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