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“Unity, Dedication, Integrity” Speech Competition (1)

Date:2013-05-24 13:28:00 Author:hnr_admin

Spring in Hohhot is luxuriantly green and beautiful. In response to the theme activities of “collect positive energy, strive to be NO. 1” hosted by Huaneng Corp., the Renewables held a northwest regional speech competition themed “Unity, Dedication, Integrity” in Hohhot on May 16. Secretary of the Party committee of Huaneng Renewables Xiao Jun visited the contest. Leaders from political work department of the Renewables and subsidiary companies attended this event as judges. Besides, relevant responsible persons from the executive units of the northeast, east China and southern regional speech competitions also observed this contest.
    A total of 14 competitors from project companies of Wu Tai, Pian Guan, Yuan Ping, Tian Zhen, Ding Bian, Xin Jiang Santanghu, Hohhot, and Baotou etc. attended this northwest regional speech contest. In this competition, the contestants focused on the activity theme and described various vivid pictures of wind power industry participants in wind farm construction, management and operation. Based on the spirit of “unity, dedication, integrity”, they also presented the hard working of wind power workers, as well as the vigor and vitality of the new-generation electricity industry workers! After the contest, Xiao Jun, Secretary of the Party committee of Huaneng Renewables made an important speech and put forward three requirements: 1. Similar activities should be continuously carried out in Huneng Renewables and its subsidiary companies to encourage the participation of more basic level employees. By enlarging the influence of these theme activities, the loyalty of Huaneng employees can be enhanced. 2. The spirit of “unity, dedication, integrity” should be continuously implemented. All subsidiary companies should carry out relevant learning and education activities step by step to enhance basic level employees’ awareness of responsibility and sense of mission. 3. Adhering to the spirit of “to be No.1”proposed by Huaneng Corp., all subsidiary companies should insist on the long-term construction of spiritual civilization, the enrichment of employees’ cultural life, and the stimulation of their working enthusiasm of unity, hard working, and initiativeness.    




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