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Huaneng Renewables Corp: Explaining the Green Concept with Special-featured Wind

Date:2010-04-23 15:40:00 Author:hnr_admin

April  23 , 2010

Source: China Electric Power News

As the island model using 100% renewable energy, the Shantou Nanao Island of Guangdong Province is gradually attracting attention of the world.
    Over 70'000 people live in this scenic island with total area of 130 square kilometers. Apart from its beautiful scenery, it also boosts the biggest island wind-PV hybrid system of Asia, which realizes 100% renewable energy supply for this island. 
    Once you step on the Nanao Island(located in the South China Sea), you must be shocked by the amazing matrix of the tall wind generators. Lines of spinning wind turbine are becoming a special view for this island. Huaneng Nanao Wind Farm Project is located here. It is the only wind farm project of Huaneng Renewables Corp.(referred to as Huaneng Renewables )that has been put into commercial operation in Guangdong Province. By developing and using new energy resources like wind, this National 4A-Level Scenic Area(also known as the most beautiful island of Guangdong Province)can not only realize its self-sufficiency of power supply, but also deliver the extra green power to other areas. Consequently, Nanao is famous as the ecological island.
Build World-class Green Island
    After 30 minutes on the ferry, you will arrive at Nanao (a beautiful small island of the South China Sea). With the help of the biggest wind-PV hybrid system of Asia, it realized 100% power self-supply. Besides, all plants are well protected on this island. Huaneng Corp. presents a vivid ecological model to the world--the former Utopia of environment protection is really feasible.
    In the past, the original purpose of the development of green energy on Nanao Island was to meet its own survival needs. On one hand, it wanted to reduce its energy dependence on other areas as much as possible. On the other hand, it wanted to create more job opportunities and better economic environment for the local people. Now, it has become the world pioneer of renewable energy utilization.  
    Nanao is the largest island in Guangdong Province. Located in south of the Taiwan Strait, the special channel effect and landscape feature ensure perennial wind on the island. In 1999, wind energy was utilized by Nanao as the first type of renewable energy. "We started to test the wind on Nanao in 1999, and installed the first wind generator the next year,"said Li Qiangthe manager of Huaneng Shantou Nanao Wind Power Generation Company. According to Mr. Li, Huaneng Nanao Wind Farm is the first wind farm constructed and operated on Nanao Island.It is the biggest wind power project of this region. At present, the installation capacity of this wind farm is 58'550 KW, half of the total wind power capacity of this island. It is said that most wind turbines on this island belong to the Huaneng Renewables.
    The construction of Nanao wind farm project can be divided into three stages. Now, the first two stages have been put into operation. "By the end of March 2010, the accumulative amounts of power generation of the first and second stages are 324 million kwh and 298 million kwh respectively," said Li.
    Apart from the rich wind resource, solar energy is also very rich. There's over 2000 hrs sunshine annually. The proportion of average sunshine exposure area is 48%. The total amount of radiation is 127.78 kcal per square centimeter. The long duration of sunshine and large amount of radiation are important to the utilization of solar energy.
    In 2004, Huaneng Renewables undertook a 100 KW photovoltaic generation demonstration project--one of the projects listed in Science & Technology Plan for the 11the Five Year Planning Period. Given the rich solar energy resource of Nanao Island, photovoltaic generation plants with total installation capacity of 100 KW were built on the wide mountain areas during the construction and operation of the first stage of Nanao Wind Farm Project. By so doing, a special wind-PV hybrid system is formed. These two different renewable energy resources can be used unitedly in the same power generation site. Thus, the problems on independently using wind or solar energy can be solved. In December 2005,the successful integration of photovoltaic generation plants with total installation capacity of 100 KW shows that Huaneng Renewables has become the first power generation enterprise of China that put the high-voltage wind-PV hybrid generation integration into commercial operation. In the meanwhile, it also provides reference and experience for Chinese government on drafting standards about the integration of photovoltaic power plants. It shows many positive effects both at home and abroad. Since then, a new roadmap of technology development on new energy has been formed. 
    Apart from the wind-PV hybrid feature, the optimization of wind power equipments arrangement is another technology feature for the Nanao Wind Farm Project. The combination of turbines with 65 meters and 55 meters is used to ensure the safety and efficiency of the fans. As a result, the cost of wind farm construction decreased to a large extent. The annual average full-load operation time increased from 2240 hours according to relevant feasibility study to 2420 hours. With the 180 hours extra full load operation time, 8.1 million KW more electricity was generated. In 2008, the total full-load operation time is 2687 hours with 3600 hours max operation time for single turbine, ranking on the top of Huaneng Renewables’wind farm project for its longest operation time. 
    "By the end of December 2009, the accumulative generation of this wind-PV hybrid system is 586 million KW, equivalent to that made of 195’000 tons of coal. Consequently, the carbon dioxide emission reduced 468’000 tons. Later, this wind-PV hybrid system will annually deliver 150 million kwh clean energy to the electricity grid of Guangdong Province and pay the total of 1.7 million yuan to national and local taxes. With this clean energy delivery, 50’000 tons coal can be saved, and 120’000 tons CO2 emission can be avoided," Li Qiang said with pride.
    Now, the turbine matrix has become a unique sight-seeing of Nanao Island. On one hand, it ensures the island power self-sufficiency. On the other hand, the clean energy also provides foundation to its tourism and fishery. Thanks to the exploration and development of Huaneng Renewables, this beautiful island acquired momentum of modern technology. Nowadays, since the development and utilization of renewable energy have become commonsense for the local government and residents, wide participation is encouraged. By using wind power to generate electricity, Nanao Island can meet its demand on power supply and deliver extra electricity to other area. On seeing the huge turbines, the local residents will always feel proud and joyful. Now, people on the island has get considerable amount of returns through the wind farm project. The construction of clean energy base is listed as one of the four special featured industrial base of the Nanao County.
    Rich wind resource is key to success. Huaneng Renewables will not stop its efforts on building the world famous green island. The third stage project with total installation of 15’000 KW started from November, 2009 and will be put into operation this May. By that time, Huaneng Nanao Wind Farm will be the biggest wind power generation enterprise on Nanao Island.
Wind Power Generation for High-altitude Region
    The wind-PV hybrid system of Nanao Island set a good example of Huaneng Renewables’s special featured wind farms. Besides, on Dali of Yunnan Province, its advanced management skills and technologies on wind power industry can also be observed.
    As one of the historical and cultural cities designated by the State Council, Dali is an amazing scenic place with beautiful wind, flower, snow and moon. In 2008, the first plateau wind farm of Yunnan Province—Huaneng Windy Dam Wind Farm was put into operation. On the top of Mount AiLao, lines of turbines became another beautiful view for this ancient city.
    Xiaguan county of Dali is located on the exit of a long and narrow valley between Mount Cang and Mount Ailao. Because this long Mount Cang can block the atmospheric circulation, the eastbound flat wind of spring and the northeast-bound seasonal wind from the Indian Sea and the Bengal Bay can be blew to Xiaguan through this narrow valley. Thus, strong west wind during winter and spring and southwest wind during summer and fall always form here. Xiaguan enjoys long period of strong wind. The average wind speed is 4.5 meters per second. The biggest scale of wind is 10. For this reason, Xiaguan is also known as the City of Wind. How to service the economic activity and life of local residents by utilizing wind energy becomes a great task for Huaneng Renewables Corp.
    The Windy Dam Wind Farm is located on the top of Mount Ailao, 6 kilometers away from the center of Dali city. Wind resource is very rich here. It total installation capacity is 48’000 KW. In accordance with the designed annual generation capacity, 26’000 tons of standard coal can be saved and 55’000 tons of CO2 emission can be eliminated annually. As the first wind farm of Yunnan Province(also as the first one for southwest of China), the highest altitude of the Windy Dam is 2800 meters with low oxygen density, high humidity, strong thunder storm and violate radiation. Because there’s no successful case of wind farm constructed on such high altitude mountain regions before, many people questioned about the feasibility of high altitude wind farm as well as its generation efficiency under low oxygen environment.
    The primary task should be the fan adaptation for the plateau environment.
    Cooling effect of air media will be reduced along with the decrease of the density and pressure of air, so the temperature of equipments and devices will increase accordingly (this is especially true for large equipments and devices). For this reason, such devices should be used under designated capacity in accordance with different height.
    Because the whole set of electric control cabinet was imported from Europe, lowering the capacity of low voltage electric devices used in high altitude area was not considered at that time. During the trail session of Windy Dam Wind Farm, capacity connectors were frequently damaged. Thus, the capacity of low voltage electric devices must be lowered. After over one year’s scientific argumentation and practical operation, the operation stability of the adapted electric control cabinet and low voltage electric devices can be guaranteed. Because of the long rainy season, the relative humidity of this region is over 95% on average. As a result, serious condensation phenomenon is very common in the electric control cabinet, which may increase the possibility of system damage. For this reason, Huaneng Renewables required turbine manufacturers install the extra heating dehumidification system and assisted them on realizing the technology adaptation. The damages of electric devices caused by condensation phenomenon can be eliminated.
    By constant innovation and exploration, the Windy Dam Wind Farm of Dali set up the example of building wind farm at mountain area with altitude of 2800 meters within a year. In 2009, 125.43 kmh electricity was generated. The equivalent use hour for turbine unit reached 2613 hours. The annual profit of that year exceeded 30 million yuan. It shows that the plateau wind farm can also be profitable and efficient, which made it the first successful model of plateau wind farm put into commercial operation.
    The successful wind-PV hybrid system of Nanao Island and plateau wind farm of Dali County indicate that Huaneng Renewables Corp. has become the pioneer of wind power industry because of its unique strategies and professional management methods.
    Now, the electricity industry is actively seeking the effective and low carbon development method. In fact, the only effective way is to get rid of the dependency on traditional energy resources and find alternative clean energy resources. During these days’ interview experience, the reporter realized that as the pioneer of wind power industry, Huaneng Renewables has found a suitable development path on the utilization of new energy. Its successful cases include: the first Chinese wind-PV hybrid system, the first Chinese plateau wind farm, the first large-scaled wind farm equipped with Chinese manufactured devices, and the first Chinese megawatt wind farm. All these cases show that in the future, the utilization of renewable energy resources will be feasible for China and the whole world. If this idea can be accepted by participants of electricity industry, a promising future for human development will be not far away.

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